Joining Class

  1. Check out the information on the What to Expect page.
  2. Come observe a class. You should try to arrive about 15 minutes early to talk to one of the instructors and have any questions asked. You do not have to watch the entire class, but at least warmups and a couple of techniques. Depending on the discretion of the instructor, you may be able to practice without observing.
  3. All participants will need to fill out an electronic release, located at
  4. Practice! After observation, you can come practice at any time.
  5. Beginners work with more advanced students during the same class as everyone else. Each person practices as their own skill level and abilities allows, so you can start at any time.
  6. We do not require a gi (uniform) to start practicing until you are sure you want one. A standard white gi (with a white belt) is fine if you already have your own from a previous martial art. Otherwise you should wear loose-fitting clothing that at minimum covers your knees and preferrably covers elbows. sweats (or BDU pants) and a t-shirt are fine. If there are any buckles that can catch and injure someone, they should be covered with tape. When you decide you want a gi, we have some for sale at our cost at the dojo.


Fees are due at the beginning of every month. There may be times when dojo members are having financial difficulties. If you are having financial difficulties and wish to keep training, a limited number of need-based scholarships (both full and partial) are available. We encourage you to speak to one of the instructors if money is an issue. We do not want to keep money from letting people practice aikido, so please do not it let you keep from coming.

There are multiple options for fee payments.

There are two parts to the monthly fee
  1. A monthy membership at the Body First fitness center.
    (See Body First for prices on Basic memberships - Note there are family and student plans)
  2. A small additional fee for the aikido club to maintain mats, insurance and national fees.
    (Nonstudents: $20/mo, Students: $5/mo)
    Students include anyone enrolled in K-12 or any accredited school.
Day Pass
A $7 day pass can be purchased on a per-class basis. This is good for starting out, the busy schedule, or visitors.

Dojo members who have tested and carry a rank also pay a yearly association fee to the USAF (currently $45). Dojo members wishing to test will be expected to maintain an active USAF association and will be assessed a testing fee based on rank. Testing is not required to practice.

Contact us if you have any questions.